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Payment method

Payment method

 Credit card (All Visa, Mastercard, JCB) 

Just hold Visa, Master, JCB card will be able to do the credit card payment

 MOLPay (Malaysia only) 

local online ATM transfer / 711 payment ,Suitable for use in Southeast Asian countries (Malaysia / Singapore)

 Alipay (AlipayHK cannot pay) 

If you have an ICBC account, you can pay

 Taiwan Bank ATM 

If you have a bank account in Taiwan, you can pay

 Paypal or credit card (Paypal Express)  It takes 5% fee

Just hold Visa, Master, JCBUnionPay cards card will be able to do the credit card payment,But 5% fee is required

Account information




 Taiwan Account Information

 Chunghwa post (700)  BeidouBranch 

 Post Account Number0081331-0191409

 MAccount name:廖玉如    


 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Account Number  : 621226 4000005855016

  Currency exchange



 Alipay Account Number  :

   Currency exchange


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